Coaching Program

The ‘Back to Basics’ Coaching program teaches participants the essential skills of competitive swimming,
from starts, to turns, to finishing and everything in between. 

COACHING- Swim more efficiently with detailed stroke and race feedback!


Back to Basics Coaching is a customized program, tailored to your individual goals and requirements. We offer programs that focus on stroke improvement, offering customized coaching and instruction. Optional video analysis (see below) may be added to your session ideal for swimmers interested in developing competitive swimming techniques and strategies.

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, competitive or recreational, Back to Basics Coaching will take your swimming to the next level ! 


Back to Basics offers a wide range of customized coaching & training, ideal for:

  • Competitive & pre-competitive swimmers interested in developing competitive swimming techniques and strategies and benefiting from exceptional coaching
  • Swimmers who have achieved their goals in basic swim instruction programs and want to advance their abilities
  • Swimmers seeking to improve Fitness, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Cardio Vascular Health, Lung capacity
  • Triathletes

Back to Basics offers customizable programs focusing on:

  • Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke, Butterfly (Individually)
  • Individual Medley (Fly/Back/Breast/Free)
  • Starts, Turns, Lap swimming
  • Fitness & Customized programs.

Please contact us to discuss your goals and needs so we can build a program to take your swimming to another level.


Optional Video Analysis, our absolute premium coaching service suitable for any level of swimmer. Video analysis packages include:

  • HD Stroke Analysis
  • Video ‘Telestration’ & Transcript of analysis
  • Follow up coaching and training plans

Swimmers can expect analysis and coaching that will improve stroke efficiency and technique, allowing them to swim faster, further and longer

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