Backyard Swim Lessons

At Home Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults

Backyard swim lessons and lifeguarding services tailored to your needs

Our experienced swim instructors will come to you to provide you with the same great curriculum without ever leaving your home. Enjoy the convenience of quality instruction in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Planning a pool party this summer? Let us assist you in maintaining a safe and fun environment with our certified and insured lifeguards.

Please keep in mind that when you book our lifeguarding services, the lifeguard(s) are responsible exclusively for pool supervision, they will not be facilitating any games. One lifeguard is necessary for every 15 swimmers in the pool at a given time. 

$79 + HST/hour
Backyard swim lessons in Burlington

Backyard Swim Lessons

Enjoy personalized backyard services in the comfort of your home.

Minimum 1 hour booking. Booking lengths available in half hour increments. Maximum 2 hours.

$60 + HST/hour
Backyard lifeguard in Burlington


One lifeguard for every 15 swimmers in the pool.

Minimum 2 hours. Booking lengths available in 1 hour increments. Maximum 4 hours.