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Back to Basics Swim Academy Program

Recreational free style swimming in Burlington

Each level builds on the skills learned in the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive development of swimming abilities, from basic water comfort to advanced stroke techniques.

At the heart of our swim program lies a commitment to individuality, ensuring that each swimmer’s goals and abilities shape their path in the water. This makes us the ideal choice for those seeking a swim program that truly understands and supports the uniqueness of every swimmer.

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Basic 1 & 2 (B 1 2)

Basic 1 & 2 (B 1-2)

Introduction to Water Comfort and Basic Skills – Assisted Skills
In this foundational stage, swimmers are introduced to water in a safe and supportive environment. The focus is on building comfort through assisted activities. Skills developed include bubble blowing, submersion, assisted front and back floats, and glides. Children will also learn to perform feet-first jumps with submersion and push off the wall on their front and back, laying the groundwork for swimming independence.

Basic 3 & 4 (B 3 4)

Basic 3 & 4 (B 3-4)

Developing Confidence and Unassisted Basics
Progressing to semi-assisted and then to unassisted skills, swimmers continue to develop their water skills. This level emphasizes the importance of front and back floats and glides without assistance, fostering confidence and independence in the water. Swimmers will refine their ability to maintain these positions and movements, enhancing their readiness for more advanced swimming techniques.

Swim 1 & 2 (SW 1 2)

Swim 1 & 2 (SW 1-2)

Introduction to Swimming and Enhancing Skills
Swimmers begin their swimming journey by learning and practicing foundational swimming skills and drills. Emphasis is placed on rhythmic breathing, flutter kicks, and various drills that combine gliding, kicking, and digging motions. Advancing to semi-assisted practice, learners will start front swimming, gradually increasing sets and distance to build endurance and skill.

Swim 3 & Strokes 1 (SW 3 ST 1)

Swim 3 & Strokes 1 (SW 3- ST 1)

Mastery of Basic Swimming and Introduction to Strokes
As swimmers become more comfortable and capable, they move to unassisted front swimming with an emphasis on increasing distance and improving form. Additionally, this level introduces the basics of different strokes, including the front crawl and back crawl, alongside essential skills like rhythmic breathing, streamlining, and side glides.

Strokes 2 & 3 (ST 2 3)

Strokes 2 & 3 (ST 2-3)

Refinement of Stroke Techniques
Children will focus on refining their front crawl and back crawl techniques, with assisted and then semi-assisted practices to ensure proper form and efficiency. This level aims to increase stamina and skill in these strokes, preparing swimmers for more complex stroke techniques.

Strokes 4 & 5 (ST 4 5)

Strokes 4 & 5 (ST 4-5)

Advanced Stroke Development and Diverse Skills
Swimmers will work unassisted to perfect their front and back crawl techniques, aiming for increased speed distance and further refine technique. Additionally, this level introduces more complex skills and strokes, such as the whip kick and flexibility in ankle movement, to enhance overall swimming ability and prepare for the next level.

Stroke 6 & 7 (ST 6 7)

Stroke 6 & 7 (ST 6-7)

Specialized Stroke Techniques
Breaststroke: The breaststroke section will deepen understanding of the glide-pull-breathe-whip-glide pattern. This stroke is known for its distinctive frog-like kick and arm movement, requiring coordination and timing.
Butterfly: Introduction to the butterfly stroke will acquaint swimmers with its dynamic and powerful movements. They will learn the basics of the dolphin kick and the simultaneous overhead arm pull, which demands strength, rhythm, and coordination.

Swimming pool friends smiling swimmers by the edge of the pool after swim training in Burlington

“This is the place to be if you want your kids to develop exceptional technical skills. 2 of my boys have gone through the program and 1 currently swimming for his school team and earned Most Improved Rookie of the Year is because of the foundation that he developed through Back to Basics and he’s currently a swim instructor at the academy. My other son also went through the program and currently swimming competitively and he will be back for 1 season for fine tuning. Now my 3rd son (3 yrs old) is currently going through the program. If you want to give your children the best, it’s Back to Basics Academy!”

Krysteen Chau